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this is basically the mix tape/cd trader idea taken to another level. here we take data cd-r discs and trade them with others through the mail. i figured this would be an easy and fast way to double your mp3 supply and possibly find out about new artists. this is beneficial to people with slower connections as well as to people who have trouble finding what they're looking for. also, if you have any news on the riaa you can post that too.


i came up with this idea because i'm on a 56k slow as shit piece of crap and i figured kids who are in my situation would appreciate this. "audio pirates" is basically throwing the whole "internet piracy" thing back in the faces of the riaa. in other words, this is a community that supports music trade as a way of finding new artists and not a way of replacing cds.


yeah, every community has a list, mine is a little bit different.

1. by joining this community you agree to buy cds every once in a while. i mean, come on, support the artist a little bit. we're trying to prove the RIAA wrong here. the whole point of this community is to promote responsible trade. if you can't agree to this simply don't join.

2. i am not responsible for any bad trades or viruses that may be sent to you. if you're using a computer you should probably know how to use a virus scan of some sort. norton anti-virus is good. in other words, don't trade CD-Rs with someone who has the user name "1337h4x0r" or some shit.

3. you are giving out your address at your own risk, don't come crying to me is some crazy bitch sends you a package full of anthrax or some shit.

4. if an artist doesn't want their music traded, try not to trade it. i mean, we all know metallica is fucking lame as shit but please don't coax them.

5. please be at least 13 years of age or older and get permission from your parents if you think it is necessary, i don't need angry moms and dads bitching at me, i'll just kick your ass out.

6. post all excessively long mp3 lists behind a livejournal cut. the code for a livejournal cut is as follows: <*LJ-cut TEXT="whatever you want to put here"> (take the * out of the code and place all text you want behind the cut AFTER the code.)


personal bios are great. you know, give a little background about yourself, your taste in music etc. this isn't required but it is good. required of course is a list of your mp3s or bands you have mp3s of. you can do this simply by typing up the list of artists or by using winamp to generate a list of all the songs in certain directories. directions on how to do this will be posted at the bottom of the community information page.


ok so, what kind of community leader would i be if i didn't try to protect the individuals who join? basically, if you come in contact with a bad trader (i.e. someone who doesn't send you your shit or sends to a virus of some sort) give me their user name and i will take care of it. do not retaliate anywhere on my community, i don't care for drama. in other words: take it to the streets!


in order to create a list of your mp3s follow the following steps:

1. open winamp
2. click the "add" button and go to "add dirs" then add the directory of your choice.
3. now click ctrl + alt + G and it will generate the list and it should open the HTML file for you.
4. now you can do one of two things:
a. save the HTML file and upload it to your own web space
b. right click the html file when it is opened in your browser, go to "view source" and then copy and paste the list of artists right into your post. however, don't copy and paste the whole page, just the list of the artist.


dictioncanary (just comment to one of my posts and explain the question, i'll reply back to you.)


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